consulting & conception A master plan for maximum impact

Njegovan - Consulting - Brainstorming - Team
Njegovan - Consulting - Brainstorming - Team
Njegovan - Consulting - Brainstorming - Team

Your trade fair goal always in focus

For us, a personal meeting is still the best way to start a collaboration. Sitting around a table in person or virtually, a spirit of partnership quickly develops. From the warm-up to the concrete, the path is then short. Based on your CI, your brand management and the analyzed needs, we develop initial guiding ideas. With exemplary visualized solutions for different budgets, our creative team inspires your imagination. In the conception phase, our experience comes up trumps. We check every design, every material and every production step in a goal-oriented manner. It is especially close to our heart to inspire you for a largely sustainable trade fair stand - resource-conscious and unique at the same time.

In short:

Njegovan does not lure you into dream worlds, but provides implementation-oriented and environmentally conscious advice.

Njegovan achievements:

  • Detailed status analysis and strategic advice
  • Concepts: goal-oriented and competitive
  • Individual trade fair design tailored to the budget
  • Sustainable solutions that have been thought through down to the last detail