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At home on the exhibition grounds of Europe Trade fair design + brand staging


Successful trade fair architecture

For us, this is the tingling flirt between brands and spatial worlds. Between emotions and high-end technology. We stage this experience with noticeable ease. In a language that makes the appearance of your company unmistakable.

Double proud!


Njegovan is a double winner of the German Design Award 2020

Big surprise, big joy! On February 7, we were allowed on stage twice at the award ceremony for the German Design Award 2020. We were awarded in the category Excellent Architecture for trade fair stands at Interzum 2019 and at Bauma 2019. Both designs convinced the jury by the consistency with which the corporate design of the brands was implemented in form, color and architecture in a recognizable way. Together with our customers HUECK Rheinische and MOBA AG, we are pleased about the also internationally renowned "seal of approval" for innovative trade fair construction.

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Design Winner - Njegovan - Moba Messestand - Yellow
Njegovan - Winner - GDA Award
Njegovan - Messestand Projekt - Schwarz - Black
Büro - Beratung - Couch - Njegovan
Projektmanagement by Njegovan - Design
Njegovan - Produktion in der Schreinerei


A workflow from the first graphic to the last screw. Without delays, without interface problems, as often caused by external contracts. Your individual trade fair stand is created through the tried-and-tested interplay of craftsmanship and technology, creativity and service. All in-house. That makes us sure to offer you the optimum.

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we are happy to be your booth builder from A to Z.

With inspiring room ideas, with sophisticated details in technology, with relieving service all around. That is our strength. But at Njegovan we are not above stepping in when you are under pressure. And maybe our creative services, our furniture construction or our logistics will convince you so much that next time you will directly put together the whole package with us.

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The Njegovan team sees it sportive.

For us, trade fair construction is what the decathlon is in athletics. A supreme discipline. For the championship you need "experts" in all disciplines. That's why we have a great team at the starting line in Aachen. Designers, architects, carpenters, logisticians, business people - they push each other, they inspire each other and at the end they applaud each other with satisfaction. That is when your project has successfully crossed the finish line. New "experts" are always welcome.

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