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perfect stage

At Njegovan, there are only a few meters between the think tank and the production halls.

A proximity that brings many advantages. Our project managers keep a constant eye on the execution. Even changes requested at short notice are quickly communicated with the craftsmen. At Njegovan they are all specialists. They implement the CAD plans on a 1:1 basis and demonstrate their attention to detail with millimeter-precise cuts, CNC milling or spray painting. The fact that this attention to detail does not come at the expense of speed is convincingly demonstrated in every project. On schedule the Njegovan assembly team then takes over the baton. Professionals with plenty of experience and insight.

From a thousand individual components, the team forms what you are eagerly waiting for by the start of the trade show: Your perfect stage!

Njegovan achievements:

  • Modern machinery for wood, metal and plastic processing
  • Own paint shop with color mixing plant for individual color mixtures
  • Hand or spray painting of glass, steel, wood, plastics
  • Manufacture of individual exhibition furniture
  • Assembly by company's own assembly teams
  • Preparation of technical booth acceptance