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Interzum 2023, Köln


July 2023

Virtuously combined: sophisticated design language and noble materials

Congratulations Hueck Rheinische! With its trade fair stand at "interzum 2023", the manufacturer of industrial surface finishes emphatically demonstrated its innovative spirit. Instead of presenting the industrial-look stand, which won the German Design Award in 2020, a second time after the pandemic-related time-out, Hueck surprised its worldwide clientele with a complete change of style. The best statement for a company with its finger on the pulse.

Even from a distance, the Hueck stand radiates a pleasant clarity and elegance, setting itself apart from a trade fair architecture that is overflowing with stimuli. The reduced appearance allows the eye to rest, but emphasizes details all the more. For example, the round openings set into the front of two light bridges, which unobtrusively quote the Art Deco era with their gold-tinted steel tubes. Other matching noble highlights are the handcrafted tables in marble look, the high-quality feel of the soft green and gray textured panels or the brass-colored chandelier, a real eye-catcher. In interaction: a cozy and at the same time energetic setting, which presents the products of Hueck Rheinische many times in use and underlines the exquisite design consciousness of the company. Accordingly, the guests enjoyed lingering for a long time at this perfect place for B2B communication. From the very beginning, we conceptualized the "second life" of the stand as a showroom for the international development and manufacturing service provider. This is also how sustainability works!

Jury statement

The invitingly open stand exudes a pleasant calm with its clear, timelessly elegant design language and subtle colors, but at the same time also appears to be of very high quality.

Hueck Exhibition stand - Njegovan Designs - Minimalistic
Hueck Exhibition stand by Njegovan - GDA Winner
Hueck Exhibition stand by Njegovan - Designs - GDA Winner
Hueck Exhibition stand - Njegovan Designs
Hueck Exhibition by Njegovan - Design
Hueck Exhibition stand by Njegovan - Design
Hueck Exhibition stand - Njegovan Designs
Hueck Exhibition stand - Njegovan Designs
Exhibition stand by Njegovan - stand builder - design